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Version 1.5.9

Do you find yourself having to time things? Perhaps even multiple things at the same time?

Doing laundry, baking, or grilling at home? Keeping tabs on a parking meter while on the road? Tracking warm-up, interval, and cool-down times at the gym? Running multiple experiments in the lab? Or, even, taking your medicine on time while fighting a cold?

If you've felt like there must be a better way to juggle time-critical tasks, there is! The Elapsed app is here to help you accurately, efficiently, and conveniently time your day-to-day tasks.

Featured by Apple in the "New & Noteworthy" & "What's Hot" Productivity App sections!

  • Keep track of unlimited active timers at the same time
  • Triggers alarms even when Elapsed is not running
  • Save unlimited frequently used timers as presets for one-tap re-use
  • Modify active timers while they are still running... and much more!
Available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Track multiple active timers sorted. Easily pause, resume, reset, restart or remove.

Have frequently used timers as presets for one-tap launch. Searchable & sortable for quick discovery.

Be notified when a timer expires. Even when the Elapsed app is not running.

Elapsed is a useful app for monitoring times. It is simple and helpful to people of all ages. With a price that can’t be beat, this is an app that you should try.

- AppAdvice

Finally found a great timer! Best one I've found so far on the App Store. And I've been looking a long long time...

- App Store Hero

Best one, Excellent!!! Combination of Intulon and Timer Pro - Truly multiple! I have tried several multiple timer apps and this combines the best of Intulon timer and Timer Pro.

- Sehana

Easy to Customize - We use it for everything from heating the grill to timing the laundry dryer. Simple to customize and simple to use.

- Sunsetryder

We want to build software that you love and find useful. We actively solicit feedback on suggestions for improvements to the Elapsed app. Please do drop us a note with any suggestions you may have!


Have a question on how to use the Elapsed app? Take a look at our FAQ tab which contains answers to some common questions as well as video demonstrations. If you're still stumped, do drop us a note.

Why don't timer expiration alerts work in iOS 5.0?

iOS 5.0 introduces a new Notification Center that allows you greater control over the notifications you receieve on your phone. To receive Elapsed alerts in iOS 5.0, head into iPhone/iPad > Settings > Notifications > Elapsed and enable Alerts, Badges and Sounds for Elapsed.

Why don't I hear an alert sound when my timer expires?

Do you have your iPhone/iPod Touch set to silent/mute mode? Elapsed honors your silent/mute setting and works with you to prevent any awkward moments resulting from a timer expiring unexpectedly. Instead, Elapsed will vibrate when in silent mode to discreetly let you know that a timer has expired.

What is the "Extras Package"?

We at Appsules LLC strive to create Apps(ules) that we hope you both enjoy and find useful. We take pride in knowing that our creations positively impact your life. This is why the Elapsed app is fully functional and free (ad-supported)! Unfortunately, with bills to pay, this currently remains a nights & weekends effort. However, we'd love nothing more than to work full-time creating new Apps(ules). As such, the "Extras Package" provides you with a means to support our efforts. When purchased, we immediately show our appreciation by removing all ads from the app and making 20 new alert sounds available for use. So, if you find the Elapsed app useful and enjoy using it, do consider purchashing the "Extras Package" and supporting our efforts!

How do I create an Active timer?

From the "Active" timers screen, tap the "+" button. Then, select a duration, name, and alert sound. Optionally save to Presets for easy reuse. Tap "Done" and you will see it ready to be started on the "Active" timers screen. [See Video]

How do I create a Preset timer?

From the "Active" timers screen tap the "Presets" button to move to the "Presets" screen. Tap the "+" button on the presets screen. Then, select a duration, name, and alert sound. Tap "Done" and you will see it ready to be launched from the "Presets" screen. [See Video]

How do I modify an Active running timer?

You can always tap the pause button to pause, play button to resume, or refresh button to reset or restart. But the Elapsed app even lets you make changes while your timer is running! From the "Active" timers screen identify the timer you wish to modify. Tap the remaining time label to move to the "Edit Timer" screen. Select the field you want to modify: time field for remaining time or duration, name field for timer name, or alert button to change alert sound. Tap done to commit changes. [See Video]

How do I launch a Preset timer?

From the "Active" timers screen tap the "Presets" button to move to the "Presets" screen. If you don't see the timer you want, tap on "A-Z" to sort alphabetically, "Recent" to sort by time last used, or "Frequency" to sort by how often the Preset was used. Alternatively, if you know the name of the Preset, scroll to the search bar on the top and type in the name. Once you find the Preset you want, simply tap on it to start an instance of it. [See Video]

Have a different question?

Please go to the Contact tab and drop us a note via the form there. We'll get back to you with a response as soon as possible!

Elapsed 1.5.9

28th January 2013
  • UI Enhancements.

Elapsed 1.5.8

18th December 2012
  • Play alert sound once or for 30 seconds.
  • iPhone 5 Support.
  • Retina Support.
  • UI Enhancements.

Elapsed 1.5.6

18th September 2012
  • Usability Enhancements

Elapsed 1.5.2

9th August 2012
  • Fixed issue with "Track Overdue" option.

Elapsed 1.5.1

23rd July 2012
  • Critical Bug Fix

Elapsed 1.5

20th July 2012
  • New Settings Screen
    • Customizable
    • Easy access to Support
    • Simple to share with friends
  • Significant usability enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Elapsed 1.2.5

13th April 2012
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Elapsed 1.2

20th December 2011
  • Support for looping/repeating timers.
  • Accurate Notification Badges
  • Fixed a crash
  • UI Tweaks
  • French, German and Spanish launguage support.

Elapsed 1.1.5

3rd December 2011
  • Usability improvements
  • Dutch, Italian and Chinese (simplified) launguage support.

Elapsed 1.1

2nd November 2011
  • New "Nag" feature to prevent missed timers!
  • Timer names can now be upto 25 characters long (as opposed to 15).
  • UI Tweaks
  • Better support for iOS 5.0 Notification Center
  • Japanese launguage support.

Elapsed 1.0.2

11th October 2011
  • Fixed a crash in iOS 5.0
  • Improved button sensitivity.

Elapsed 1.0.1

28th May 2011
  • Elapsed v1.0.1 is featured as a "What's Hot" Productivity App on the US App Store!

Elapsed 1.0.1

20th May 2011
  • Restarting Active timers will trigger alerts as expected.
  • Alerts triggered while app is running will vibrate when device is muted.
  • iAd Integration.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

Elapsed 1.0

5th May 2011
  • Elapsed v1.0 is featured as a "New & Noteworthy" Productivity App on the US App Store!

Elapsed 1.0

3rd May 2011
  • Elapsed v1.0 is released to the world via Apple's App Store.
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